Want to be Sponsored?

We are accepting applications into our Sponsorship Program! Its pretty easy to do!


We are looking to sponsor, Chargers, Challengers, Darts and Rams only.

How it works:

We are offering a custom 10% discount code for you to use and can share.

This works on any of our products that are available on www.blacktopgraphix.com. This does not work on eBay.

Codes used more often will be first in line for free products when I need some pictures of new products installed on a car. The more you share your code, the more its used, the better chance you have or getting freebies! You will always get 10% off though. Works on sale items too!


To Apply: Send us an email and please include the following.

Email us at: blacktopsponsorships@yahoo.com

Subject: Sponsorship Request (discount code requested) <Put the code you want here

Name: Pretty Easy. Enter your Name

Picture: Good ones, no low quality stuff. No links. Please attach a high Quality, well composed shot of your ride. If you have our product on your car or truck already and want to be featured on the website, include some shots of our products on your car! If you don't have our products yet, its all good, just include a good picture of your car and send product pics after if you want to be featured on the site. Pictures you send can and may be used on our website or in marketing advertisements. More exposure for you! The best of the best pictures will be featured on our home page slide show!

Social Media Name: This is for Tagging your picture if we use it on our site to give credit. example(@myigname, @blacktopgraphix)

Custom Discount Code: What do you want your shareable discount code to be? Example ( SCATPACKHERO , ILOVECARS10) Please include thi s code in the subject line also.


If Accepted, you will receive a conformation email. This may take a few days depending on the amount of requests

Discount codes will be reviewed every 6 months for activity -No Activity could result in loss of  your discount code


Questions? Email us! blacktopsponsorships@yahoo.com